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Doubling Time & Progression Calculator

The Doubling Time & Progression Calculator can be used for the following purposes:

    1. Calculation of tumor marker – doubling time
      To calculate tumor marker – doubling time with the data of serial measurements of a serum tumor marker.
    2. Calculation of tumor volume – doubling time
      To calculate tumor volume – doubling time with the data of serial measurements of tumor sizes.
    3. Estimation of time for progression
      To estimate the time (T) for a tumor with a known doubling time (DT) of size A to grow to size B.
      If you input DT, A, and B, the calculator gives T.
    4. Estimation of progression over time
      To estimate the time D after a given time (T) of a tumor of size C with a known doubling time(DT).
      If you input DT, C, and T, the calculator gives D.


In order to use this calculator for clinical practice, please read the Commentary on Doubling Time and Estimation of Tumor Progression carefully. The present creators of the Doubling Time & Progression Calculator are not responsible to the calculation results or any outcomes of their clinical applications. Only persons who agree on issue can use this calculator.

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