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Hospital Policy

Kuma Hospital provides medical care for thyroid, parathyroid, or breast diseases examinations.
To protect the rights of patients, Kuma Hospital has adopted the following policies.

1. Commitment to informed consent

Doctors explain diagnosis and treatment policies to the patients.
Patients who are not convinced, or do not understand some points, are encouraged to ask questions of the attending doctor.
The patient has the right to refuse a treatment method proposed by the doctor if not convinced.
In such a case, Kuma Hospital shall provide clear explanations of alternative treatment methods.
Please be aware, however, that Kuma Hospital does not perform treatments that are not medically appropriate.

2. Patient selection of doctors

Kuma Hospital has a team of doctors in surgery, internal medicine, and mental health, and is ready to search for the most suitable doctor.
As a result, if the patient is dissatisfied with the doctor, a switch to a different doctor can be made.
Moreover, consultations with doctors other than the attending doctor can be arranged. Persons who wish to change doctors or to consult with a different doctor may apply at Information on the 3rd floor or at the medical consultation room.

3. Ties with other hospitals

When necessary, Kuma Hospital can introduce patients to other medical institutions.
Persons currently being treated at other medical institutions are also welcome to visit Kuma Hospital for consultation about the current treatment.
Of course, Kuma Hospital has no problem with persons who also wish to continue the treatment program at the other medical institution.

4. Commitment to disclosure of disease names

The policy at Kuma Hospital is to state clearly and succinctly the diagnoses, treatment methods, and future prospects.
This is because we believe that it is important for patients to know the true facts about themselves when receiving treatment.

5. Medical consultation room

Kuma Hospital has installed a medical consultation room on the 3rd floor and consultation is performed by the Head of Nursing.
Feel free to consult about anything, including illnesses, personal concerns (personal issues, or family or work concerns, etc.), or issues such as dissatisfactions with treatment or incompatibility with the attending doctor that may be difficult to say directly to the doctor.
As Kuma Hospital maintains a specialist counselor on the premises, the attending doctor can arrange a meeting if desired.
First make an application at Information on the 3rd floor.

6. Protection of personal information, and information disclosure

Kuma Hospital actively engages in protection of personal information, and discloses to all of our patients the reasons for use of personal information. Moreover, personal information held by Kuma Hospital is always disclosed to the individuals affected.
For details, see “Handling of Personal Information at Kuma Hospital.
If any point is unclear, feel free to come to the medical consultation room for consultations.

Handling of Personal Information at Kuma Hospital

Notice to Patients

In addition to the actions of medical staff, cooperation from patients is also essential in order to achieve safer and better medical treatment.
As a result, Kuma Hospital makes the following requests to our patients.

  • State information about your health as accurately as possible.
  • Ask lots of questions about the treatment, and proceed to receive treatment with full understanding.
  • Always check that documents handed to you by Kuma Hospital are yours. Observe Kuma Hospital rules and social norms, to avoid infringing on the treatment or examinations of other patients.
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