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Second Opinions

“Surgery was recommended, but I can’t decide.”
When you need to make an important decision, it is natural that you want to consult with other specialists. Even after hearing an explanation from the doctor, patients or family members may feel uneasy and it can be hard for them with no information or knowledge to decide on a treatment.

New treatment methods are constantly coming out. As a result, different doctors may well have different ideas regarding how to treat a disease. Moreover, treatment between one doctor or medical institution and another may not necessarily be the same, and there may be differences in medical technology and quality.

  • When you have received an explanation of the diagnosis or treatment policies from the attending doctor, but cannot decide what to do
  • When several different treatment policies have been presented, but you cannot decide among them
  • When you want to know if there is another treatment method

In such cases, in order to select and receive treatment that is satisfactory to yourself and the best for you, you may want to obtain a second opinion.

Obtaining a second opinion means to approach a different doctor for diagnosis, and specifically refers to going somewhere other than your current doctor to ask about diagnosis and treatment methods, in order to come to a better decision.

Knowing what the risks are and what other choices may exist can make it easier for you to accept surgery or other treatment.

When necessary, Kuma Hospital is ready to refer patients to other medical institutions. In addition, we are ready to cooperate with treatment information for patients undergoing treatment at other institutions who come to Kuma Hospital for a second opinion.

As Kuma Hospital has not established a specific office for giving second opinions, you will be asked to receive a normal examination. At first, talk with your attending doctor and have him or her prepare a treatment information presentation document. Then bring this document together with proof of insurance to Kuma Hospital.

For a guide to first medical examination

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