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First Examination

To reduce the burden on our patients coming to Kuma Hospital, we can often perform the physical examination and tests on first examination day, and provide notification of results. Please allow plenty of time for everything to be completed. If you cannot stay for the whole process, please inform the doctor at the examination, and the test results will be presented and explained at your next visit.

We offer a seamless service to ease the treatment process for our patients.

At Kuma Hospital, we have established a system that can handle everything in-house, from prescriptions to test preparation.

Example of a typical day

( While this is a typical outpatient example, the procedure may not always be identical to this. )


Reception for re-examinations can now be accessed on the Internet or cell phone sites, improving convenience for our patients.

○Internet Reservations

*Cannot accept reservations for first examination.


To ensure that results can be seen on the same day as the tests, the major tests are all performed in-house at Kuma Hospital. In addition, we provide all patients with papers, to let you freely enjoy the wait time, and take a call when ready.

○Major tests performed at Kuma Hospital
○Same-day results notification
○Use of papers to call patients

Explanation of Results

We use electronic medical charts and imaging systems to perform radiation imaging and echoes, and then immediately call up the images in the examination room where you can see them together with the doctor.

○Electronic medical charts
○Imaging systems


In-house prescriptions reduce the burden on patients caused by reliance on outside pharmacies. In addition, the drug information is provided in color printing.

○In-house prescriptions
○Drug information printing system

1. Reservations

For first examination, please come to Kuma Hospital on Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m., depending on the tests required. (Avoid days just before the 2nd Saturday of the month or before holidays.)

2. Iodine restrictions

As the thyroid iodine uptake rate measurement or radioiodine scintigraphy test may be performed when you receive your first examination, please take the precaution of performing the iodine restrictions Be aware, however, that these tests may not be necessary, depending on the examination results. The test takes two days, including the examination day and the following day.

  • Iodine restriction means avoiding the foods listed below for one week before coming to Kuma Hospital.
  • Seaweed (konbu seaweed, konbu soup base, nori seaweed, wakame seaweed, hijiki, tokoroten, etc.)
  • Japanese-style food using soup base (udon, sushi, donburi, etc.)
  • Iodine drugs (Lugol, isodine gargle, Dan-Rich, etc.)

※As the test requires quite a lot of time, be sure to eat breakfast before coming to Kuma Hospital.

For the details of the iodine restrictions

3. If you have previously received thyroid tests at other hospitals, please bring that data as far as possible.
4. If you have previously taken thyroid drugs, or have similar drugs, please bring them.
5. If you are pregnant or nursing, please tell us at the examination.


What to Bring

Proof of Insurance

We will check insurance once each month. If there is a change in your insurance due to retirement or change of employment, etc., please inform us of this change. Come to the General Reception on the 1st floor for reception and change of your insurance. If you forget your proof of insurance, you may have to pay the full fee.

Letter of introduction

If you have a letter of recommendation from your previous hospital, please bring it with you.


No Smoking

Smoking is prohibited inside all facilities. Thank you for your cooperation.

Cell phones and PHS

Out of consideration for the effect on medical equipment, and manners in public places, we ask that you shut off the power to cell phones in examination rooms, test rooms, and waiting lounges.
In consideration of patient safety and convenience, cell phone conversation areas are established on and limited to the landings by the outpatient elevator on the 1st to 3rd floors.

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