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Procedure of Examinations

1.First, obtain a number chit

Go to the chit dispenser in front of the outpatient entrance and obtain a number chit. As you will be called by the General Reception on the 1st floor in the order of the number on your chit, please wait your turn.



At reception, we shall confirm your examination card and proof of health insurance. Please bring them together with the number chit.

The General Reception on the 1st floor will give you the day’s examination schedule and a call-up pager. As this pager can receive messages anywhere in the Kuma Hospital facilities, feel free to wait at any available seat.

3.Call 1 – Move to Waiting Area

When your number is about to come up, the pager will sound, instructing you to move to the Waiting Area. Proceed to the Waiting Area and wait for instructions.

If the pager sounds, press the button in the center to stop the sound. The Waiting Area where you are to go is displayed. You can recall this display any number of times by pressing the button again.

4.Call 2 – Move to Examination Room


When your number has come up, the attending staff member for each room will call you. If you are unsure about what to do, do not hesitate to ask questions at the Information Counter on each floor.

Reception Times

  1. Kuma Hospital examinations are set in reserved time frames (30-minute intervals), and a reception number is provided within the set time frame.
    Example)For 9 a.m. reservation → 9:00 to 9:30 time frame
  2. While calls are normally made in the reception number order, please be aware that the circumstances of examination and test content may result in some divergence of number order.
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