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Consultation Center

Guide to Medical Consultation Room

Kuma Hospital has established a medical consultation room dedicated to helping patients and family members be reassured about the medical treatment, and offering consultation about difficulties and concerns. If you want a consultation, please apply at the Information Counter on the 3rd floor or directly to the Medical Consultation Room


  • Concerns about outpatient or hospitalization examinations
  • Concerns about treatment policy
  • Issues regarding admittance to and discharge from the hospital
  • Economic consultation about medical fees, hospitalization fees, living expenses, etc.
  • Concerns about work, school, family, and other issues after discharge from Kuma Hospital
  • Issues about doctors, nurses, or the hospital


Feel free to come in and consult about anything.

“With the aim of creating a safe environment for medical treatment, Kuma Hospital has a permanent Medical Consultation Room. Many of the inquiries come from the patients after receiving test results. While the attending doctor explains how to read the test results and test data, sometimes the patient is unable to concentrate on the explanation after the tests, or finds it too difficult to understand it. My role is to explain the results again in easy-to-understand words. The same applies to explanations about medicines. It is common for many patients to unable to remember everything that was explained. I can take the time while looking over the person’s medical chart to go over everything slowly in detail. Occasionally, consultation may also move to family or personal topics unrelated to medical treatment. While I cannot give specific advice in such cases, just sitting and listening appears to be of help to people. So, no matter what the issue, please feel free to come in and talk.”


Chief of Nursing Staff
Sanae Nitta

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