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Medical Treatment System

To provide a more comfortable and smooth examination.

Kuma Hospital has introduced the most advanced information systems for faster and more effective utilization of information.

We seek to improve daily operations to ensure that each and every one of our patients can receive the best possible medical treatment. But one persistently difficult issue is “waiting time.” We have introduced such innovations as electronic medical charts and an in-house information system to reduce this wait time as much as possible.

Electronic Medical Charts


Introduction of the electronic medical chart system has revolutionized services and operations at Kuma Hospital in all areas. Kuma Hospital makes full use of this system to disclose medical chart information to patients, explain test results, obtain informed consent, and build up individual medical treatment information. In addition, the test result reports, hospital admittance examination plans, hospital discharge treatment plans, letters of recommendation, and much else can be printed out on the spot and handed to patients.

Imaging Systems


Images taken in the radiation test lab can be immediately displayed in the examination room, and the doctor can examine and explain the conditions to the patient with the images.

Patient Calling System in-house pagers (NAVIT)


To allow patients to spend their waiting time more freely, Kuma Hospital uses pagers to call patients. These are simple devices that operate by the press of a button, and can receive calls anywhere on the 1st floor to the 3rd floor. This means that you can spend the waiting time as you like, having a light meal in the café or reading a book, etc.

Re-examination Reservation System


Kuma Hospital uses a wide variety of reservation methods for the convenience of patients, including reservations via the Internet with personal computers or cell phones, simple reservation on in-house touch panel terminals, and reservations by telephone or at the Information Counter.

Hospital Information Service (Medinet)


Medinet information can help your waiting time be more meaningful. Starting with guide information by Kuma Hospital, the system is filled with useful content, including medical information about diseases and tests, health information, and even information about traffic and weather.


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