The Thyroid Navigator is the 3D graphics model of around the thyroid.

Thyroid Navigator

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The thyroid navigator is the 3D graphics model of around the thyroid. It displays clearly the perspective from the skin, benign tumor, thyroid cancer, lymph node metastasis, tracheal invasion, chronic thyroiditis, relationship of thyroid and trachea, recurrent laryngeal nerve, artery, and vein, a postop condition, parathyroid-tumor. Enlarge / reduce with the pinch of the screen, rotate freely by swiping. In this update version, screen capturing function and writing function were added, and the utilization degree was raised.
  • The three dimensional model which specialized at the thyroid.
  • It displays 360 degrees rotated.
  • It displays the thyroid in 3 patterns, states of the skin, vessels and nerves, only nerve.
  • It displays some symptoms of tumor sample.
  • It introduces the image of the preoperative, the postop on each case basis.
  • Screen capture function added. It is also possible to write to the image
  • Capture images are saved in the device's photo folder
  • It is ideal for teaching physicians, nurses, laboratory technicians to that aims to thyroidology.
  • Compatible language is English and Japanese.
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